2017 OCDS Congress Plenary Session Speakers


 The 'Essentialness' of love ~ Living in the small things (St. Therese)


Carmelite spirituality


The desire for god according to st. john of the cross


making our homes a school of prayer:
nourished from the font of love himself

2017 OCDS Congress Workshop Presentations


The Carmelite Charism and Being a Witness in Today's World

dr. jeanne kamat, OCDS

The Carmelite charism is centered in personal sanctification for the sake of the glory of God and the sanctification of others.  This workshop will examine the gifts of the Holy Spirit, in particular the awe and wonder of God, and the theological virtues as the means to this end.  These supernatural gifts will be examined as foundational to the Carmelite's engagement with the world through the practice of the spiritual works of mercy.  Through these essential pathways, our human faculties grow in our perception of all of creation as imbued with incarnational grace.  The Carmelite, as a sincere seeker of holiness, thus becomes an instrument for the perception of the truth of persons and, thereby, a vehicle of hope through which joy overcomes the human tendencies toward discouragement and indifference. 

Making Discernments: Practical Guidelines

Elizabeth M Korves, OCDS

How do we know if someone has a vocation to OCDS?  What are the positive signs to look for?  What are some concerns that might reveal that the person is being called to something else?  If the council discerns someone doesn’t have a vocation, how to we tell the person?  This workshop will look at the discernment process – both in terms of the responsibilities of both the council and the candidate and in terms of some best practices.     

Maintaining the vitality of your COmmunity

paul Schubert, OCDS

This is an invitation to focus on relationships in community, starting with a general discussion of how Christ calls us to relationship beyond rituals and rules.  Our primary relationship call is towards Jesus, but this is typically lived out day to day in relation with each other.  True vitality in OCDS communities will be based on the strength of our relationships with each other.   We find some support for this idea in using examples from our legislation.   Join us as we discuss some specific examples we have tried in the Mobile community. 

keeping the flame of your vocation alive

Loretta Gallagher, OCDS

Have you ever suffered from burnout or discouragement in the living out of your Carmelite vocation?  Do you realize that your vocation is a gift to you, our Carmelite Order and the Universal Church?  This workshop will address some issues involved in "keeping the flame of your vocation alive" -- come and share your thoughts and suggestions, too.

Being Faithful to mental prayer 

Barbara Tinervia, OCDS

Come and participate in a guided discussion with fellow Carmelite Seculars regarding our obligation to spend time each day in mental prayer.  What challenges do we face as Seculars?  How do we overcome these challenges?  Or maybe just how do we cope with these challenges?  The struggle is real!  Let's help each other in our Ascent of Mt. Carmel!

2017 OCDS Congress Speakers

 2017 Congress Schedule

Thursday, November 2, 2017

2:00 PM          Registration, Prayer Chapel and Vendor Room Opens
6:30 PM          Opening of Congress
7:00 PM          Plenary Session
8:15 PM          Welcome Dessert Reception
8:30 PM          Prayer Chapel and Vendor Room

Friday, NOVEMBER 3, 2017

6:00 AM          Breakfast and Prayer Chapel   
7:00 AM          Registration and Vendor Room
7:30 AM          Morning Prayer
8:00 AM          Welcome and Plenary Session
9:45 AM          Mass – Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller
10:30 AM        Vendor Room

11:15 AM        PC Session – New Provincial Statutes  
                      Workshop: Being Faithful to Mental Prayer
12:30 PM        Lunch
2:15 PM          Workshops
-          Carmelite Charism & Being a Witness in Today’s World
                         -          Maintaining the Vitality of Your Community
                         -          Being Faithful to Mental Prayer
                         -          Keeping the Flame of Our Vocation Alive
                         -          Making Discernments:  Practical Guidelines

3:45 PM          Workshops Repeated
5:30 PM          Plenary Council Meeting/Dinner
5:00 PM          Prayer Chapel
7:00 PM          Vendor Room
8:00 PM          Presentation: Pilgrimage to Spain

Saturday, NOVEMBER 4, 2017

5:00 AM          Prayer Chapel
6:00 AM          Breakfast
9:00 AM          Vendor Room
7:30 AM          Morning Prayer
8:00 AM          Welcome and Plenary Session
9:30 AM          Pilgrimage to Historic Missions
1:00 PM          Pilgrimage to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Little Flower
3:00 PM          Mass at the Basilica
5:30 PM          Prayer Chapel and Vendor Room
7:00 PM          Banquet, Entertainment and Celebration

9:00 PM          Prayer Room and Vendor Room

Sunday, NOVEMBER 5, 2017

5:00 AM          Prayer Chapel
6:00 AM          Breakfast
8:00 AM          Welcome and Morning Prayer
9:00 AM          Plenary Session
10:30 AM        Mass

Exploring Historic San Antonio


Saturday morning, we’ll travel by bus to the Missions National Historic Park to experience the four southernmost Spanish colonial missions along the San Antonio River—Concepcion, San Jose, San Juan and Espada.

These four frontier missions, along with the Alamo, have been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (a United Nations organization).  These missions are walled compounds encompassing a church and buildings where you can retrace the footsteps of the Mission Indians and friars.

After lunch on Saturday, we’re off to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Little Flower.  The Basilica has the stature of being the ‘most beautiful church in San Antonio' and is filled with significant works of fine art. Nationally it is the most artful and magnificent church built in honor of St. Theresa of Lisieux. 

You’ll have an opportunity to see perhaps the most treasured work of art at the Basilica, the painting of St. Therese created by the saint's sister, Celine (Sr. Genevieve of the Holy Face).  The painting was a gift from the Discalced Carmelite Nuns at the convent of Carmel in Lisieux, France

At the Basilica, we’ll listen to a presentation about the history of the Basilica by one of our local Carmelite friars, celebrate a private Mass, then return to the Omni for a joyous and festive celebration.

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Little Flower

Missions National Historic Park 

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